After six months of hard work, the launch of Folkshelf.com took place on Sunday 5th March, 2017. I remember when I mentioned the business idea to my family and one of my best friends', they all immediately supported me which was refreshing. The secret to achieving a goal or vision is understanding that no one will be more motivated to seeing the vision a reality than you. As much as I got full support and encouragement, I had to be the one to do the research, make the decisions and most importantly do the dreaded monotonous tasks which I referred to as my "personal lullaby activity". My enthusiasm quickly became infectious, my excitement about Folkshelf made everyone around me excited and they all got onboard and started inquiring about my plans.

I knew I wanted to start a business that I am not only passionate about but that would make a difference. It has taken me a long time to get here and I can not but be more grateful for the challenges that kicked me hard to pull out this creativity and vision of Folkshelf. You might wonder, what type of difference can Folkshelf make? Folkshelf clearly is an African inspired fashion and lifestyle online destination, but let me draw you a little more into Folkshelf.

There is a norm about regular fashion and lifestyle that I want to change, so you can say that Folkshelf is a movement to a Folk World, African print is considered a more ceremonial style, which I believe change is required, The bold, retro, colorful, patterned look that African print style offers should be considered a regular look because it adds those exact qualities to individuals which isn't a bad way to live. The folk crafts and decorations that make up our lifestyle collection are each pieces of creativity and history that should not be ignored or forgotten. There are fashion designers and artisans that should have the opportunity to share their unique work with the world, Folkshelf intends to help make that happen!

From all of us here in the Folkshelf Team, keep shining our folkstars and watch this space for more news, inspiration and style.



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