How To Rock African Print Style In Autumn Season

I cannot count the number of people that believe African print should be worn for specific "African" events like weddings, elderly birthdays, funerals or religious occasions. I think what we all need is re-orientation of our minds on fashion and style.

One of our objectives as a business is to encorage our folkstars to no longer see African print fashion as ceremonial wear, but to learn to proactively search for such styles to wear as part of everyday wear or statement pieces.

Take a look at this FOLKSHELF Tye Dye Pencil Skirt below from our SS 17 Collection, this skirt alone would be overlooked and not considered worth a fashion statement. Not because it is not gorgeous but because noone wants to spend on a "Tye Dye" product that is "ceremonial".

This FOLKSHELF Fei Dress is comprised of African Print and Denim Fabrics. Why can't this be worn like any other fashionable outfit? Look at it, its fabulous!

Check out our FOLKSHELF Vara Dress, put this on with a pair of warm tights, a pair of boots and throw on a warm and well padded jacket. This is what sexy and chic looks like :-)

Own your Style Folkstars.....


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